A Journey Through the Valley

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ISBN-10: 978-1498497749
Publish Date: February 2017
Format: Paperback
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“God woke me up early in the morning with a birth that I will never forget. It was Sept 3rd, 2007 that I heard word after word from the inward parts. The words of wisdom that came out of my spirit was a form of God’s protection for the days and even years to come.
This day changed my life forever.”

A Journey Through the Valley is a book of inspirational poetry that causes a revolution of healed hearts. It invites you into valley experiences of the natural and spiritual world of the author. Alisha shares her personal moments of grief and disparity through the death of family and friends that occurred over a short period of time. It was during this time that God gave her a place of comfort while she walked through the emotional valley. She found that this personal valley experience was a discovery process for her future. It’s in this book that she shares prophetic words of encouragement to self, family, and friends. These poems and scriptures will strengthen your heart, make you laugh, and challenge your comfort zone. It’s been given in an effort to encourage her audience to “believe again” in the promises of God.

“Unspoken heartaches, depression, and unforgiveness was discovered in the valley. Confidence was found in the valley. God’s voice became loud in the valley. My voice was discovered in the valley”.  Alisha

This book is designed for you to write your personal reflection. By writing down your own experiences, you will be able to grow through the process and be set free. It challenges you to be real and truthful to self. Transparency and openness will give you revelation and direction for your life. “Discover the Inner You”!



Alisha Fuller has consistently written poetry and devotions since 2007. It is through her poetry that God revealed His wisdom, love, comfort, and creativity. Alisha realized that her gift of writing wasn’t just for her, but to encourage and empower others.

1 review for A Journey Through the Valley

  1. Creativewords17

    So, I started reading “A Journey Through the Valley” by Alisha Fuller and when I say it is amazing…
    I can honestly say when I scanned through the book I noticed it was also a journal. Me being me, I’m not the writing type. So, I figured I’ll just bypass those pages and continue to read. But I can tell you now I couldn’t do it. Reading the poems and the scriptures to follow and having a chance to express myself on how I felt afterwards, was the best thing ever. I couldn’t hold it in. I had to get it out. This book allows you to do that.
    Alisha has definitely given me a different outlook on not just having a book to read but heart felt poems. I truly felt as if they were written just for me. Some of the questions I ask myself daily. I’m not really sure of knowing the answers but the book provides scriptures to follow and has the answers I was looking for. It is more then what I expected. I’m so looking forward to seeing what else is coming up in this book. I’m not finished with it yet. I call it my own personal journal with answers to follow…
    Candis Johnson 2/26/2017

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