Poetess Alisha Fuller, has consistently written poetry and devotions since 2007. Her faith walk with God has challenged her spiritually, emotionally, and financially. “The adversities of life’s journey has challenged me to trust God and believe His promises.” It is through her poetry that God revealed His wisdom, love, comfort, and creativity. Alisha realized that her gift of writing wasn’t just for her, but to encourage and empower others. She has taken her poetry to another level and started an inspiration business called Lines of Creations ™ where framed poetry, empowering tee shirts, calendars, and custom writings are available.

Born in Chicago and raised on the city’s South-side (Englewood) community, Alisha understands what it feels like to walk through valley experiences. She is the fifth child of eight siblings and a proud Mom of her teenage son. Her personal journey ignited a personal commitment to positive change; which includes her being dedicated and committed to serving others. Specifically, she has assisted under-served populations through volunteering and partnering with schools and other organizations.

Evangelist Alisha Fuller is an associate minister at the Apostolic Faith Church. She has served in ministry over 10 years and is a Certified Christian Education Instructor. There is no doubt that her words of inspiration has been birthed out of the relationship and love she has for her Savior, Jesus Christ. “His words of love, chastisement, correction, and revelation is definitely the catalyst for this book of poetry. This book expresses proof of my journey with Christ. It’s an intimacy that has caused me to be an open book for His people”.

A Leader in her right. She’s dedicated to helping develop and encourage society through the service of mentor ship. Her organization, E.L.I.T.E. Ministries (Empowering Lives Internally Transforming for External Living ™), provides transitional housing, tutoring, empowering and developmental workshops, and resources for adults and college students.

Not only does she assist with helping parents enhance their parenting skills, but she also help families regain hope, and a sense of pride by being able to assist with much needed social services. She’s highly respected by her peers for her outstanding communication skills, and her ability to seek out positive outcomes in adverse situations. -Pamela Thompson-Hill, Roosevelt University.

As a student, Alisha has embraced her educational journey and is a proponent for higher learning at all times. She has a Bachelors in Psychology and is currently receiving her Master’ Degree in School Counseling and Clinical Psychology. She understands how her academic accomplishments will ultimately create a legacy of education for herself, and positively impact her family, and ultimately her community. Evangelist Fuller is determined to use her gifts and talents in an effort to build people, build relationship, and build the Kingdom of God.