God is a Keeper

God is a Keeper

Psalm 121 The LORD is thy Keeper. The LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand.

In chapter three of “A Journey Through the Valley”, God made me reflect on seen and unseen dangers of my life. When I was writing this chapter, I could see how he kept me from harm’s way. Even when I was a little girl he always whispered those small words of instructions, “Don’t go down there or don’t go in that hallway”. I didn’t know it was Him that was keeping me from child molesters, grown men, and the pimps. I didn’t know that when He said don’t go in the drug house that the house was getting ready to be raided with police. I didn’t know when He said don’t go to that party that there was an orgy going on. I didn’t know that some of those same people had contracted HIV and didn’t know they had it. Oh, Jesus Christ is a Keeper of my soul. I was no better than the next sinner.

In the book, there’s a poem entitled “The Word” (page 42-43). I could see God whispering instructions to His disobedient children. I could see Him giving us directions on how to connect our “very being” and reason for living. God sends MANY WORDS daily and we ignore them. He doesn’t sleep nor slumber concerning the agenda for our lives. He already sent a word and the Bible says that it shall not return void. So, catch up with the WORD of God. Get to know His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ just a little bit more. He’s our daily guidance, the Comforter and Keeper of our souls.

Read Isaiah 58:8-11. Talk to you soon.

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